Tom Klaver

I can’t commit because there’s always a better book around

Most of my books are at a 2–4% finish rate.

I grab my Kobo to read, but instead I will explore the Kobo Books shop, download previews, and read those for a page or two. It is so hard to commit to a book when there are so many other books just two taps away.

It makes me sad because I know that books have had an impact on how I am as a parent, and I know books have changed how I look at the world (a little bit).

I’ve tried setting limits on the device, but they are too easy to revert.

There a are a few things I will do to solve the problem:

  1. Block WiFi connections on the router from my Kobo between 9 PM and 12 PM.
  2. Keep 2 or so books around on the Kobo.
  3. Move other books back to my Mac’s Calibre library so they are out of scope.

Deleted all of my history on Gmail

Just deleted 18 years worth of emails from my Gmail account. Apart from YouTube, I want them to have as little data of me as possible. I don't see why I would need so much history of me lying around.

Granted, I've used my Gmail account actively for about 6-7 years, so that's the weight of my actual history there.

I’m blogging from my Notes app

I wrote a Shortcut that lets me export a note from the Notes app to my blog. I’ve called it “Blogger”.

I still need a better way to use links and perhaps images, but we’ll see if I want to put in the effort to solve those. I can always just use markdown for links.

For now it works pretty well and I’m happy to have a low effort way to shoot a new post to my blog!

Screenshot of a shortcut workflow in the Shortcuts app on iPadOS.


Hey! I'm Tom, and I was a UX designer for Soda Studio, Apple, Lightspeed, and Prss. I'm recovering from burnout and exploring what career I want to pursue. Could be tech writing, could be iOS development, could be anything outside of IT. Time will tell what makes me the happiest!

Most importantly I'm a dad and live with my autism. I love being a parent, scratching my own itches with Shortcuts and I listen to Fall Out Boy every single day. I'm stuck in 2005, music-wise.

That Night I Absolutely Killed It (The Mood)

It was 2006. I was 17, autistic, and my friends took me to a club.

People were dancing to some pretty nice songs, but that week "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers was my jam, babeh. I walked up to the DJ of the hour, I said, "man, could you play Mr. Brightside next?"

He said, "are you sure?" I said, "yeah I'm sure."

And so it went down. I heard the lead guitars and I was sure this was my time to make myself officially known as a Cool Guy.

Reception was ice cold. Dancing? Never heard of it. Even my friends looked confused. There was no other way but to endure this—really great—song with people who didn't want to hear it.